Inspired by the specialty coffee culture around the world especially in Australia, Ristr8to is an independently unique cult concept cafe striving to serve the best coffee in every single cup we make. We have immersed ourselves in the specialty coffee cultures of many of the world's great cities, in pursuit of the perfect coffee and pass on those experience via our coffee menus. At Ristr8to, we have taken a lot of time, pride and effort to perfect our coffee in order to provide our customers with the best cup we can, each and every time with our dedication, excellence and passion.


We love the way coffee industry has developed in Chiang Mai over the past 5 years since we have moved here from Australia, and have prespect for the xcores of small independent orerators who are making name for themselves and we attend to share or passion and philosophy in coffee with them and pass on those experience to our customers to keep this circle running and improving.

Our history

In 2011:

We have started our first coffee shop on Nimmanhaemin road in Chiang Mai, based on our experience in coffee industry and coffee competitions around Australia for 4 dedicated years. One month after opening our head Barista: ARNON representing Thailand in World Latte Art Championship in Maastricht, Netherlands where he was able to make it to the final round and won 6th place in the world.

In 2012:

After we came back from our roasting training in San Francisco, we used 6 kg Giesen coffee roaster set at the back of our shop on Nimmanhaemin to start roasting our own coffee. We have been searching for good source of green beans and keep improving our roast profile since then. As we know that making coffee is a never ending learning process, we are then always travelling to find new knowledge and inspiration about coffee in many different parts of the world. We have been to many of the world's great coffee cities, such as London, San Francisco, Melbourne, Tokyo, Berlin, and many more to learn about specialty coffee cultures in those cities, then combined all of those experience to be our new and unique standard at Ristr8to.

In 2013:

We have started our second store, DOPPIO RISTR8TO which is located in central festival, Chiang Mai and also at the end of this year our barista: PAENG took 1st prize in Thailand Latte Art competition.

In 2014:

Three of our Baristas have participated in National Thailand Latte Art Championship, and have won 1st, 2nd, and 4th prize, by ARNON, PAENG and MAK respectively and our head Barista: ARNON one again represented Thailand for the World Latte Art Championship 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He went on to the final round again and took 5th place in the world for Thailand which made him the 1st ever Thai Barista who was able to make it to the final round of world coffee competition and took back the prize twice.

In the sam year we have moved our roasting machine to our 3rd store: RISTR8TO LAB which located just few minutes walk from our flagship store on Nimmanhaemin where we will focus on roasting profile along with coffee tasting bar where new coffee will be fresh roasted for our customer to taste by individual method and new single origin coffee rotated every month.

In 2015:

Our head Barista: ARNON have won second time National Thailand Latte Art Champion, and will once again represented Thailand for the World Latte Art Championship 2016 in Shanghai, China.